Walking and hiking tours in France

Besides the destination, the most important thing about choosing your trip is making sure it suits your background and physical abilities.

To help you select the right walking tour, we have listed these self-guided hiking tours into the following grades:

 - Grade 1 or ▲ shorter walk of 3 to 5 hours each day on clearly way marked and flat paths. Everybody can walk this tour

- Grade 2 or ▲▲ walks of 4 to 6 hours a day. Some stages could be more 20 km (13/15 miles) and rolling uplands, ascents mainly gradual than steep of up to 500 m.

 - Grade 3 or ▲▲▲ walks of between 5 and 8 hours a day with ascents up to 700 m. Some hiking experience is advisable.

 - Grade 4 or ▲▲▲▲ 6 to 9 hours walking a day with long ascents and descents more than 1000 m. You walk big mountains as the Alps or Massif Central, on rough and stony paths. On occasion route-finding may be tricky and request some experience

If you want more advice on whether a particular tour is right for you, please e-mail info@sentiersdefrance.com Our team will be able to help you to choose the trip that right for you.

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Grade 1

C005 the Pink Granite Coast  (Brittany)
C108 Royal cities and abbeys North Paris
C150 Vineyard trails in Alsace
C151 Vineyard trails in Burgundy
C203 the Cher valley(Loire valley)

C260 the Loire valley from Briare to Orléans
C261 the Loire valley from Orléans to Chaumont
C262 the Loire valley from Amboise to Langeais
C263 the Loire valley from Chinon to Angers



Grade 2

C001 the Capes of Opal Coast  (Nord–Pas de Calais)
C002 the Mont Saint Michel Bay (Normandy)
C003 the Emerald Coast (Brittany)
C004 the Goëlo Coast (Brittany)
C006 the Alabaster Coast (Normandy)
C007 the Crozon Peninsula (Brittany)
C012 the french Riviera (Côte d’Azur)
C013 Arcachon basin (Aquitaine)

C019 Raz and Sizun (Bretagne)
C014 Picardy Coast (Nord–Pas de Calais)
C100 Dordogne and Haut Quercy (Midi-Pyrénées)
C101 Black Périgord and Prehistory (Aquitaine)
C103 Between Limousin and Quercy (Limousin)
C107 the Rabelais country (Loire valley)
C109 at the edge of Sologne  (Loire valley)
C152 Vineyard trails in Champagne 
C153 Chateaux in Haut Medoc (Aquitaine)
C200 the gorges of Tarn (Midi-Pyrénées)
C204 the Suisse normande (Normandy)
C206 Along the Rance river (Brittany)
C256 D-Day landing beaches (Normandy)


Grade 3

C008 the Cotentin Peninsula  (Normandy)
C010 the Vermilion Coast  (Languedoc-Roussillon)
C011 Belle île en Mer  (Brittany)

C020 West of Cornouaille (Brittany)
C053 the Puys range (Massif Central)
C054 Marvels in Causses  (Lozère) 
C056 the Lans mountains  (North Alps)
C057 the Dentelles de Montmirail  (Provence)
C059 the Aubrac (South Massif Central)
C061 the Esterel massif  (Provence)
C102 the Luberon (Provence)
C104 Sacred mountains in Provence 
C106 the Alpilles in Provence 
C111 the reculees in Jura
C205 the Annecy lake  (North Alps)
C208 the Meuse loops  (Champagne-Ardennes)
C209 the Morvan lakes  (Burgundy)
C210 lakes and waterfalls in Jura 


St James way
C250 St James way from Le Puy to Conques  (Auvergne)
C251 St James way from Le Puy to Espalion  (Auvergne)
C252 St James way from Espalion to Cahors  (Midi-Pyrénées)
C253 St James way from Cahors to Lectoure  (Midi-Pyrénées)
C254 St James way from Lectoure to Aire/Adour (Midi-Pyrénées)
C255 St James way from Aire to St Jean P. de Port  (Aquitaine)

Stevenson trail
C257 the Stevenson trail  (Auvergne & Ardéche)
C258 the Stevenson trail - north  (Auvergne)
C259 the Stevenson trail - south  (massif ardéchois)

C264 the Cathar trail (Languedoc Roussillon)



Grade 4


C009 Calanques and cap Canaille  (Provence)
C050 the Queyras  (South Alps)
C051 Vosges mountains  (Lorraine)
C052 Cantal mounts (Massif Central) 
C055 Crossing the Vercors  (North Alps)
C058 the Basque Pyrenees (Aquitaine)
C207 the Verdon Canyon  (Provence)





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