Self drive holidays in France
  Loire valley  

SD01 Loire and its chateaus (8-day tour)
Driving downstream along the Loire river, a delightful discoveryof outstanding landscapes, historic towns and magnificent chateaus. more details

SD02 Most beautiful chateaus in Loire valley 
(5-day tour) 
A discovery of the main historic chateaus and towns in Loire valley. more details

SD03 Loire valley (13-day tour)
An in-depth cultural discovery of the Loire valley and its historic sites from Briare to Angers, ranked among UNESCO World heritage. more details


SD04 Provence (15-day tour)
an in-depth discovery of Provence, its history, its cultural sites and scenic landscapes. more details

SD05 Roman and medieval Provence
(8-day tour)  
a travel through Provence history, a discovery of these cultural sites, most of them are ranking among UNESCO World heritage. more details

SD06 Sceneries of Provence (8-day tour)
the scenic face of Provence with breathtaking and magnificent landscapes : Calanques, Ardéche Gorges, Colorado of Rustrel.... more details


SD08 Reims, Epernay and Champagne vineyard 
(6-day tour)  A visit of these both prestigious cities and discovery of the famous vineyards around : the côtes des Blancs, the Reims mountain and the Marne valley. more details

SD10 Champagne route (8-day tour)  
A discovery of the different vineyards, meetings with champagne producers, tasting the vintages... a sparkling introduction to the world of champagne and its secrets. more details


  Périgord, Dordogne and Haut-Quercy  

SD09 Dordogne valley (7-day tour)
A travel along the Dordogne river, a discovery of famous vineyards, France history, fairytale chateaus and charming picturesque villages. more details

SD11 Perigord, Dordogne and Haut-Quercy
(13-day tour )  
An exploration of a lovely country, a corner of heaven on earth! more details

SD12 Perigord (8-day tour )
a Gods gift, Perigord is an enchanting country that you never forget!
more details


SD13 Alsace (11-day tour )
A great ride from North to South of Alsace and on the foothills of the Vosges, discovering this beautiful region, its often painful history its flowered villages and its famous vineyards more details

SD14 Villages and vineyards in Alsace (8-day tour)   Discovery of Alsace, its charming villages and cities, its vineyard and vines, its history, its heritage and museums. more details

SD15 Wine route in Alsace (5-day tour)
Many flowered villages, seven vines and over fifty Grand crus, an unforgettable holiday through Alsace!
more details

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