Tarn and canoeing

Tarn and canoeing

One of the most beautiful places in France! The Tarn River flows rapidly towards les Causses from its source at Mont Lozere in the Cevennes. It rushes through this chalky region, through a succession of natural faults that it has enlarged, deepened, sculpted, and carved out to create a sequence of imposing and splendid passes and corries. The river is fed only by resurgence waters, which come from the surrounding Mejean and Sauveterre Causses. What splendid contrast between the old villages and hamlets, sometimes completely abandoned, located on the shadowed bank of the Tarn, and those that bloom and flourish in the sun on the opposite bank! From Florac to Peyreleau, the path will lead you from the heights of the cliffs to the depths of the passes. You will be filled with awe by these glistening landscapes and will feel the earth closing in around you as you slip down the Tarn, cliffs rising high around you, towards the Cirque des Baumes.

STANDARD : accommodation in 2 star hotels with terroir dinners

COMFORT : accommodation in 3 or 4 star hotels with gourmet dinners

Tour description

Day 1: Arrival at Florac
Day 2: Ispagnac – Ste Enimie (19 km)
                Taxi transfer from Florac to Ispagnac
Day 3: Ste Enimie – La Malène (15 km)
Day 4: Sainte Enimie – a canoe trip (13 or 22 Km) down the river
                Back to Ste Enimie in late afternoon
Day 5: La Malène  – Les Vignes –  (14 km)
Day 6: Les Vignes – Le Rozier (15 km)
Day 7: Circular walk on Corniche du Causse Méjean (12 to 20 km)
Day 8: Le Rozier – End of the tour after breakfast.

Tour prices


Price per person double occupancy: 925 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 1450 Euros
Price for solo walker: 1375 Euros


Price per person double occupancy: 1185 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 2055 Euros
Price for solo walker: 1725 Euros








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Group rate (5 and more) and CE, contact us.

Comfort: 3/4 star hotel - gourmet dinner (according todescription)

Standard: 2-star hotel - regional dinner (according to description)

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