Hiking tour – Around Chantilly and Senlis

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D 1
Day 1 – Arrival at CHANTILLY
a royal city well-known for its château and forest, the Grandes Ecuries horse stables, and its racecourse which hosts the Grand Prix de Diane each year and attracts members of high society as well as those engaged in the world of the horseracing – Lodging and breakfast in a 4-star hotel
D 2
Transfer by taxi to the magnificent Royaumont Abbey, founded by St Louis in 1228. After visiting the abbey, you will head towards the quiet village of Baillon, with its surprisingly lovely wash-house, and continue through the forest towards Coye-la-Foret and its château. You will walk through the Chantilly Forest to reach the Château de la Reine Blanche, former watermill restored and made into a gothic style hunting lodge. You will continue your hike alongside the ponds of Commelles, used as fishing ponds by the monks of Chaalis Abbey. You will then pass through the large sand-covered paths of the forest to arrive at Chantilly – Lodging and breakfast in the same hotel
D 3
Day 3 – Visit of CHANTILLY
A day is just enough to discover the rich architectural, cultural and art heritage of Chantilly. The chateau, rebuilt between 1875 and 1885 by Duke of Aumale, houses today the Conde museum that present an impressive collection of paintings and drawings of the “Ecole française” (Poussin, Mignard, Watteau…), as well as the Italian works of art (Raphaël, Canache…), and many works of art of “Ecole du Nord” (Van Dyck, Teniers…). Bibliophile, the Duke of Aumale compiled a collection of rare books (30 000 volumes) and painting manuscripts including the well-known “Tres riches heures du Duc de Berry (15th century) and 40 miniatures of Jean Fouquet. Amongst the artistic objects, there is a beautiful collection of 18th century Chantilly porcelain and the famous 9-carat Pink Diamond. Park lovers will be delighted by the different gardens designed during the last centuries: Le Notre’s French garden, the little park, the Anglo-Chinese garden around the hamlet, the English garden. You will visit the most beautiful stables in the world: Les grandes Ecuries du Prince du Condé” (great stables), an architectural 18th century work of art that houses today the musée vivant du cheval (living horse Museum) Lodging and breakfast in the same hotel
D 4
Day 4 – CHANTILLY – SENLIS (12 km)
You will pass the chateau and the great stables for the last time before heading to Senlis, through the forest along large horse training sand alleys. Senlis, ancient town built on the top of a hill, is a true history book. In the Jardin du Roy, you will see the remnants of the Roman ramparts (dated back to the 3rd century AC) that circled the city. You will visit the Gallo-Roman arena, the Cathedral built about 1150 on the spot of former sanctuaries, one of the first French Gothic buildings, the romantic ruins of the royal castle, the ancient churches of St Agnan, St Pierre and St Frambourg, the remains of the former St Vincent priory built by St Louis about 1260 and whose church an cloister have been razed in the French Revolution. You will stroll along the winding paved lanes and admire the numerous mansions built in the 17th and 18th centuries – Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a 3-star hotel
D 5
axi transfer from Senlis to Sermenonville. You might visit its famous park or the Ermenonville Chateau, landscaped according to the philosophy of J-Jacques Rousseau, where nature gives the appearance of being untouched by man, society and pollution. The philosopher was first buried on one of the islands in this park before being exhumed and transferred to the Panthéon in Paris. You will cross the forest to Senlis. Lodging and breakfast in the same hotel at Senlis
D 6
Day 6 – SENLIS
Tour ends after breakfast. Transfer by taxi to Chantilly train station
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