1 – How to book ? 2 different ways : – through the on-line booking system By phone. You will give us your personal and credit card information. Reservations of the rooms are made only after deposit payment. We send you by e-mail a confirmation of booking within 72 hours. Several days later you will receive a […]

1 – How to book ?

2 different ways :

  • – through the on-line booking system
  • By phone. You will give us your personal and credit card information.

Reservations of the rooms are made only after deposit payment.

We send you by e-mail a confirmation of booking within 72 hours. Several days later you will receive a contract in duplicate, one copy is for you and you return us the second one after signing.

We contact you by phone or e-mail if we are facing difficulties to book your rooms. Together we shall find a solution. If the booking cannot be confirmed the deposit will, of course, be returned as soon as possible.

Last minute reservation

When it’s possible we accept booking made within the week of departure. The full payment is made only by credit card and you have to pay an extra fee of 40 euros for an express delivery of the tour dossier at the first hotel you will stay.

2 – How to pay ?

  • Secure online payment
  • After you submit the reservation form, our bank will send you by e-mail a secure link to make the payment.
  • Bank Transfer

Contact Sentiers de France to get details of our account number you will give to your bank to do this transfer.

3 – During the walking tour, is there a guide ? Are we with a group ?

Our walking tours are totally independent, no guides or groups. you walk at your own pace as a couple or with your friends led by detailed route notes and maps provided by Sentiers de France.

4 – What is included ?

The lugguage transfers between accomodations, the documents (maps, route notes etc.), Lodging and breakfast and the taxi transfers as it is describe in the route notes.

For some walking tours, dinners are included.

5 – When can we walk, bike of drive ?

From the end of Marsh to the middle of October.

6 – When should we book ?

As soon as possible! Some places are really busy, a lot of tourist want to discover our beautiful country. In most cases we didn’t take reservations under 15 days before the departure. Please, contact us if you want to reserve at this stage.

7 – What can I find in the package and how will I receive it ?

In the package you will find :

– detailed walk route notes and interesting background information about the area

– detailed local information about places to visit en route, recommendations for places to eat in the evening when dinner is not included

– a comprehensive list of what to take with you

– information and contact details of the different places of accommodation where you will stay, for different taxis that carry your luggage and that can escort you a day if you are tired or injured

– Labels to tie to your luggage in the tour

– Sentiers de France Passport instead of accommodation vouchers.

About 10 days before the departure, we will send you the PDF version of the route notes. You will find all the other documents (and a printed version of the route notes) at the first hotel.

8 – What I need to bring for the hike ?

The most essential items of equipment are a good pair of walking boots and a suitable daypack.

– Waterproof jacket and over trousers (rain gear)

– Thick socks for use inside walking boots

– Comfortable trousers and/or shorts

– Extra sweater

– Sun hat

– Trekking pole ( one or 2) or walking stick (3 or 4 grade tour).

This short list is for the walking side of the tour and we presume you will bring comfortable casual wear for use during the evenings or on the free day.

We encourage you to travel lightly and don’t have too much bags and clothes. You will be provided with a suggested packing list for the walking tour. It’s up to you to decide what additional things to bring. Depending on your total trip time in France, you may have bags which you won’t need on the walking tour. We suggest you make arrangements to store bags during the hike if you won’t need them (you can leave them in a locker room in a railway stations for example).

9 – Can we modify the tour ?

You don’ t want or have not enought time to do the whole tour. You want to add one or some rest days or sightseeing… you want to start or end the tour in another place… skip one or several day walks… or continue with another tour… Then “a la carte” tour is the one for you!
Please fill in the form saying what you want or contact us and together we shall design your tour.

10 – Can I travelling alone ?

If you are very experienced walker and you are used to traveling on your own, there is no problem booking a self-guided tour. Please contact us for an individualized quote. You will pay an “lonely supplement fee” that reflects the additional cost of a single room, baggage transfers and the tour dossier for one customer rather than two. We don’t recommend that inexperienced single walkers take these holidays.

11 – What is the difference between “double room”, “twin room” and “solo walker”?

  • A double room is a room for two persons sharing a big bed
  • A twin room is a room with two single beds
  • A room for a solo walker is a room with one single bed

12 – How it works for the meals?  

All breakfasts are included. We also include evening meals as specified in the brochure and dossier only when the restaurant attached to the hotel has good reputation, otherwise we invite you to have dinner outside and give you a list of nearby good restaurants. When we include dinners, these are from a menu of 3 or 4 courses ( menu du terroir for CL tours and gourmet or degustation menu for LU tours) For each course you can choose between different suggestions. Drinks and coffee are not included.

Lunches or picnic lunches are not included, but many overnight stops are in small towns and villages where picnic material can be bought from local shops before you start your day’s walk ; alternatively, a packed lunch can be ordered the evening before from your hotel.

13 – Do I need insurance?

We strongly recommend that you protect yourself, your equipment and luggage with a suitable holiday insurance policy. This insurance should also be arranged to cover non-returnable costs should you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected personal circumstances.

14 – I reserved the hike. What happens next?

We suggest you consider arranging your travel so that you arrive in Europe at least two days before your hike is scheduled to start. By planning to arrive early, you safeguard against potential delays or cancellations of flight and you have extra time to adjust to the new time zone so you’ll feel more relaxed when your hike begins!

We explain in the detailed itinerary and in more details in the Route Notes how to reach the starting point and the first hotel where you will stay. We shall send you all these details if you take your trip dossier at the reception desk of the first hotel.

Transfer between the airport or the nearest station and the starting and finishing points of the tour are not included in the tour price. We shall be pleased to help you. Feel free to e-mail us if you are facing difficulties.

15 – I have some questions about your tour, how can I contact you ?

You can contact us via e-mail at this address : info@sentiersdefrance.com

Or by phone : +33 02 47 41 67 07. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and between 9 am and 1 pm on Saturday.