Mont Saint Michel bay

Mont Saint Michel bay

Tucked between Granville and Cancale lies the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, home to one of the greatest religious gems of the western hemisphere. At first view this immeasurably flat plain is just a tidal salt marsh but for those who know how to take the time to walk and observe, it becomes a living theatre. From the top of the granite cliffs of Champeaux you admire the bay and then continue over the foothills of St Jean le Thomas to where pilgrims began their journey to the Mont at low tide. At the beginning this Mont was nothing but a huge block of granite over which proud cathedral architects fought to erect the work of art which is now the abbey. Finally turning your back on this abbey continue your walk along the Duchesse Anne seawall. This feature has allowed man to reclaim and cultivate the land up to the cliff of Roz. Arriving in the oyster port of Cancale you will be seduced by its peaceful beauty; unique flora, both subtle and wild; and thousands of birds breeding, nesting or just flying over the bay.

STANDART : accommodation in 2 star hotels with terroir dinners

COMFORT : accommodation in 3 or 4 star hotels with gourmet dinners

Tour description

Day 1: Arrival at Granville
Day 2: Granville – St Jean le Thomas (20 km)
Day 3: St Jean le Thomas – Avranches (18 km)
Day 4: Pontaubault – Le Mont Saint Michel (20 km)
                transfer by taxi from Avranches to Pontaubault
Day 5: Tour of Mont Saint Michel – Ste Anne Capel – Le Vivier sur Mer (10 km)
Day 6: Le Vivier sur Mer – Cancale (18 km)
Day 7: Circular walk around Cancale via Pointe du Groin (18 km)
Day 8: Cancale – End of the tour after breakfast.

Tour prices


Price per person double occupancy: 1010 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 245 Euros
Price for solo walker: 1380 Euros


Price per person double occupancy: 1420 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 385 Euros
Price for solo walker: 1945 Euros







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Group rate (5 and more) and CE, contact us.

Comfort: 3/4 star hotel - gourmet dinner (according todescription)

Standard: 2-star hotel - regional dinner (according to description)




Sentiers de France create for you the perfect holiday. All you have to do now is walk, cycle or drive and of course enjoy !

Sentiers France concocts a stay.
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