The Champagne route

The Champagne route

An 8-day and 7-night stroll through the Champagne vineyards, a visit to major historical cities, meetings with the winegrowers, tastings… A sparkling discovery of Champagne and its secrets!

PRESTIGE: 4 and 5 star hotels

LUXURY: 4-star hotels

COMFORT: 3-star hotels

STANDARD: 2-star hotels

Description of the tour :

Day 1 – Arrival at Epernay
Welcome to Epernay, at the heart of the world’s most prestigious vineyard. Around you, 20,000 hectares of vines, under your feet, more than 200 million bottles ageing in 110 kilometres of caves hollowed out of the chalky rock

Day 2 – Cote des Blancs and the Coteaux du Sud d’Epernay
This circuit will take you through the charming winemaking villages of the Côte des Blancs, so called because of the white (Chardonnay) grapevines planted here.

Day 3 – The Marne Valley, from Epernay to Dormans
This circuit will take you around the favoured soils of Pinot Meunier, the grape variety that gives Champagne its fruity bouquet

Day 4 – La Montagne de Reims.
Vines cover every slope of the Reims Mountain, while the summit is covered with forests and grazing pastures

Day 5 – Visit Reims
A town that will be forever remembered for its Champagne and its rich past, which can be seen in its varied and prestigious architectural heritage

Day 6 – The Massif de St Thierry and the Ardre valley
Vineyards and forest combine to create a magnificent world of green, in which lovely villages nestle

Day 7 – Visit Troyes
This old town has a very rich history. Troyes was well known throughout the West in the 12th century thanks to the fairs held in the town, and at the time was a match for Paris

Day 8 – The Côte des Bar
You will leave Troyes to reach Bar-sur-Seine, making a detour to the quiet village of Rumilly-les-Vaudes

The cost of the rental car is not included in the price. This tour can be done with a chauffeur-driven car or can be tailor made to meet your specific needs. Thank you to contact us if you need more information.

What’s included?

  • Lodging on B&B basis in hotels handpicked by us among the best.
  • Parking fees if the hotel has one (only for Prestige and Luxe tours)
  • The detailed road book with information about villages, attractions and hotels. It also contains maps of cities you will explore
  • IGN maps of the area (scale 1 cm = 1 km)
  • Green Michelin guide (tour guide) of the region
  • Emergency phone number available 24/24 and 7/7











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Group rate (5 and more) and CE, contact us.

Comfort: 3/4 star hotel - gourmet dinner (according todescription)

Standard: 2-star hotel - regional dinner (according to description)




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Sentiers France concocts a stay.
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