Belle Ile en Mer

Belle Ile en Mer

To the traveler who arrives from the mainland, Belle Ile welcomes him with its beautiful east coast. Sheltered from the wind, the eastern coast of the island opens itself in lush variety of inlets and beaches, flowered hills, charming villages and intimate ports. The western coast, of a wilder, more violent beauty, is torn apart by the constantly raging wind. The jagged coast and piles of rough rocks that withstand the incessant assault of the ocean’s waves are offset by the quietness of the many valleys, the small inlets, and the fine-sand beaches that border the sand dunes. All along the coastal path that loops the island you will find a remarkable pallet of color and contrast.

STANDART : accommodation in 2 star hotels with terroir dinners

COMFORT : accommodation in 3 or 4 star hotels with gourmet dinners

Tour description

Day 1: Arrival by boat to Le Palais
Day 2: Le Palais – Sauzon (13 km)
Day 3: Stroll around Sauzon (13 km)
Via Pointe des Poulains
Day 4: Sauzon – Goulphar (19 km)
Day 5: Locmaria – Goulphar (24 km)
               Taxi transfert from Goulphar to Locmaria
Day 6: Locmaria – Le Palais (17.5 km)
               Taxi transfert from Goulphar to Locmaria
Day 7: Le Palais – End of the tour after breakfast.

Tour prices


Price per person double occupancy: 1040 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 1315 Euros
Price for solo walker: 1555 Euros


Price per person double occupancy: 1375 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 1790 Euros
Price for solo walker: 1870 Euros







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Group rate (5 and more) and CE, contact us.

Comfort: 3/4 star hotel - gourmet dinner (according todescription)

Standard: 2-star hotel - regional dinner (according to description)




Sentiers de France create for you the perfect holiday. All you have to do now is walk, cycle or drive and of course enjoy !

Sentiers France concocts a stay.
Your only concern will be to enjoy and hike.









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