Hiking tour – Lans mountains

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D 1
Day 1 – Arrival at AUTRANS
Situated at more than 1000 meters in altitude, the city of Autrans offers a typical Vercors landscape : a beautifully splayed valley, an undulating countryside, grazing lands encircled by forests of spruce and beech trees, and scattered hamlets. You will spend the night in a hotel with a warm reception and a swimming pool – Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a 3-star hotel with pool
D 2
Day 2 – AUTRANS – RENCUREL (5 and a half hour walk – alt. gain: 450 m)
You will leave Autrans after having admired the church’s lovely Romanesque bell-tower, directing yourself through the valley to the Blanc-Brude Farm. From there, you will begin your ascent through the Combe Garnet and Les Clapiers Forest to the Pas de Perthuson (Perthuson Pass – 1 435 meters). You will make your way to the other side and descend the opposite slope to the village of Rencurel, crossing through several hamlets on your way – Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a two-star hotel with pool
D 3
Day 3 – RENCUREL – MEAUDRE (6 and a half hour walk –alt. gain: 1100 m)
This stage is long but beautiful. You will begin with an ascent of Le Collet (1 071 meters) before walking down towards Basse Valette in the Bourne Valley. You will then climb towards the Rochers de la Ferrière (rocks) after having crossed the Pas des Rages (pass). From the Pas de la Ferrière (pass), you will make your way to Le Gros Martel (1 556 meters). The most courageous of you might decide to climb Le Gros Martel before descending progressively along the crests to Meaudre. The others will pass around the summit and arrive in Meaudre by way of the Combe du Furon (valley). Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a two-star hotel at the end of the Combe de Furon
D 4
Day 4 – MEAUDRE – VILLARD DE LANS (4 hour walk – alt. gain: 300 m)
You will reach the village of Meaudre and continue through the valley, passing through the Chabaud Woods to the Col de la Croix Chabaud (La Croix Chabaud Pass). A forest path will bring you from the pass to the summits of Meillard and La Molière, which you will admire along the way before descending towards Villard by way of the Chemin du Purgatoire (the Purgatory Path). Villard-de-Lans holds a very interesting museum which recalls the way of life of the locals Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a two-star hotel
D 5
Day 5 – VILLARD DE LANS – LANS EN VERCORS (6 and a half hour walk – alt. gain: 600 m)
You will leave Villard-de-Lans for the Pont de l’Amour (the Amour bridge) where you might want to take a quick rest before continuing the climb to the La Fauge Waterfall, the Refuge of Roybon and the Roybon Spring. You will make you way along the mountainside to Lurbeillet, the Combe Chaulange (Chaulange Combe) and the Fontfroide Spring before descending towards Le Collet du Furon, where the Auberge des Allières (Allières Inn) is located. The path then leads you down to Lans-en-Vercors by Les Barnets and the Combe du Crêt (the Crêt Combe). You will cross the village of Lans to arrive at the hotel. Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a two-star hotel
D 6
Day 6 – LANS EN VERCORS – SAINT NIZIER DE MOUCHEROTTE (6 hour walk – alt. gain : 900 m)
You will cross the village to reach the Val Furon Fountain where you will begin the climb to Le Moucherotte (1 901 meters) by way of Les Jeux, Les Ramées and the Saint Nizier Combe. Gorgeous and impressive views of the valley await you. After a well-deserved break, you will walk down to Saint Nizier by way of Les Forges, the Roc de Bataillon (Battalion Rock) and the Combe de l’Ours (Bear Combe). Transfer by taxi from Saint Nizier to Autrans – Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a three-star hotel with pool at Autrans
D 7
Tour ends after breakfast
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