Tregor coast

Tregor coast

Le Trégor is one of the nine former provinces of Brittany and its sea frontage stretches from the mouth of the Trieux west of Paimpol to the river and bay of Morlaix. This coastline, one of Brittany’s most beautiful, is rich and varied. It offers us magnificent landscapes and numerous wonders of nature like the Sillon de Talbert, or of history like the Cairn of Barnenez, which faces the sea and is more than 5,000 years old! Following the excise men’s path will bring you to a wild, rugged and storm-weathered coastline, small hard-to-reach coves, and long fine sandy beaches. You will stroll on the quays of small ports that live according to the tide’s rhythm and be impressed by the rich architectural and historical heritage of towns like Lannion, Tréguier and Morlaix. Along the path you will admire chapels, roadside crosses, parochial enclosures, dolmens and covered pathways so typical of Brittany!

STANDARD : accommodation in 2 star hotels with terroir dinners

Tour description

Day 1 – arrival at Paimpol
Day 2 – Paimpol to Lézardrieux (26 or 16 km)
Day 3 – Lézardrieux – sillon de Talbert (19 km)
                 Taxi transfer to Lézardieu in the afternoon
Day 4 – Sillon de Talbert – Tréguier (19 km)
                 Taxi transfer to the Sillon de Talbert in the morning
Day 5 – Tréguier – Port Blanc (21 or 27 km)
Day 6 – Port Blanc – Perros Guirec (19 km)
Day 7 – Perros Guirec – Trégastel via île Renote (18 km)
Day 8 – Trégastel – Trébeurden via île Grande (22 km)
Day 9 – Trébeurden – Lannion (16 km)
Day 10 – Lannion – Saint Michel en Grève (19 km)
Day 11 – St Michel en Grève – Poul Pradou beach (23 km)
                  Taxi transfer from Poul Pradou to Diben at the end of the day
Day 12 – Poul Pradou beach – Diben (25 km)
                   Taxi transfer to Poul Pradou in the morning
Day 13 – Diben – Morlaix (27 km)
Day 14 – Morlaix – end of the tour after breakfast

Tour prices

Price per person double occupancy: 1750 Euros
Price per person in a single room: 2260 Euros
Price for solo walker: 2600 Euros







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Group rate (5 and more) and CE, contact us.

Comfort: 3/4 star hotel - gourmet dinner (according todescription)

Standard: 2-star hotel - regional dinner (according to description)




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